Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Why You Need Industrial Training?

Posted by JoomDev

The  purpose  of the  industrial  training  is to  enable  a person to  gain relevant  industrial  experience to supplement  and enrich the  academic  course,  and contribute  to  the  professional  development  required to become perfect in that field. The transition from an academic environment into an industrial one can come as a culture shock. One of the first things to realise is that you are no longer a ‘customer’ of the organization but one of its employees, part of the process rather than its subject. Your new colleagues have higher priorities than your training and welfare. 

This means that you have to take a higher level or responsibility for your actions and must work within the objectives of your department.  There will be a human resources (HR) department to look after your Welfare inbroader terms, but your line manager/mentor (note they may not use this terminology) will deal with your day to day issues.   You will be part of a team at a local, departmental or company level and must learn to adapt to cooperative working, but you will also have your own work to be done within that team.  It’s very important that you demonstrate independence and the ability to be self‐propelled  on tasks you are set – this is highly valued in the industrial world.  

In your industrial training period you learn a lot of thing that make your career fruitful.  You have to work with a team that teaches you to team coordination. You have to work under a boss so you learn to work under pressure. You can adjust yourself according to atmosphere that is the main thing you learn from an industrial training.

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