Thursday, 2 April 2015

How To Develop High Quality and Authoritative Backlinks

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Quality Backlinks

Hi folks, this is the very first article I am going to share about How to create a high-quality backlink in Scalable way. Actually what is backlink Building? In Simple word, we can say the process of establishing related, inbound links to our website which help our website achieve higher ranking with the major search engines and drive targeted traffic to our website.
You already know Getting website or a webpage at the top of search engine's organic listing is a very challenging task. Building quality backlinks is the key achieving high visibility in SERPs and high page rank.
In today’s SEO, high quality and relevant backlinks bulk the most value. How do you get these backlinks?! Just Create a right strategy and with a genuine online marketing plan.So here, I am going to share some tips that will surelyhelp you to create a high-quality backlink. I hope you all will like these.

#1 Understand Need of Google

When it comes to (Search engine marketing) and Internet Marketing, Google dictates the step. 
If you would like to make links while not obtaining penalized, you need to understand and work closely with Google’s mission statement. If you fail to try and do that, the technique won’t work.
Before you begin building links to your web content, raise yourself these queries concerning Google’s mission:
  • Is my content well organized?
  • Do I offer helpful data to the sites that may link to mine?
Now talk about the 1st question, because well-organized data is more helpful for effective link-building. I mean you’re website would be easy to navigate.
Getting the navigation right is the first step in organizing your content so people and search engines can find information that’s useful and relevant. The second step is to build a base that will make other sites want to link to yours.

#2 The Quality Backlink You Can Build To Your Website

The Good quality backlink  are those which ones coming from real websites, with good content and lots of social media shares.
Just find what strategy followed by your Competitors in term of SEO, try to build the same links.
The most common ways to build quality backlinks are:
Guest posts on Related websites
Web 2.0
Forums Posting and Blog Commenting in Similar Websites
High-Quality Directory Submission
Article Sharing and Document Sharing (PPT, PDF) usually are great Source.
Share links with Social media Websites
Video Marketing
Press Release Submission
Link Exchange

#3  What backlinks Should be Avoid! 

There are many types of links you should be avoiding in your backlinks profile. 

Don’t Links From Pages With Poor Content

Links from poor sites and link farms can do real harm to you, so avoid them at all costs.Spiders don't index the content of Flash video, so if you use Flash on your site, don't forget to give it unique description.

Don’t Submit To Sites That Have Coding Errors

Search engines say that they do not need poorly designed and coded sites, although there are hardly websites that are illegal because of messy code or ugly pictures however when the look and/or writing of a site is poor, the positioning may not be index in a position at all, thus during this sense poor code and style will hurt you plenty.


Cross-linking suggests that once website A links to site B,B links to site C and site C links back to site A. this is often the only example however a lot of multipart structures ar attainable. Cross-linking feels like cloaked reciprocal link trading and is punished.

The Pyramid Schemers

Link pyramid building schemes and their relatives, link wheels, are cheap tricks used to falsely transfer page rank across several layers of links. Some link building corporations are still using this strategy to build ranks quickly, but ever since the Penguin 3.0 update, Google has been speciallychasing these types of schemes down.

Here are more examples of bad backlinks:

Don't waste your time submission in blog networks and limit blog rolls.
Don’t Do Submission on website that has no contact page.
Don’t post spammy Comment otherwise you will lose your website’s reputation, and you might         also lose your rankings in search engines.
Only do submission for those websites which have domain authority above 25-30.
Another type of link that you should avoid acquiring is non-relevant links to their site.  
Google Says:If you want your website get high quality relevant links is to create Unique and Relevant Content that can naturally gain popularity in the Internet Marketing Communities. It is more Important Content you are post valuable for readers.


It is important to notice that each one link don't seem to be equal which building quality backlinks will cause higher SEO that successively means that additional traffic. If you implement all these tips then you'll regain results and even virtually instant improvement in your program rankings. Get one thing done and rock the world of SEO.


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